Miracle Farm Honduras



Eggs are an extremely effective tool to battle malnutrition in children. Three eggs a week, for a malnourished child, can provide the protein needed for brain development. We have 130 hens for eggs and we are receiving close to 600 eggs a week. All of these eggs are given to our feeding projects at this stage. We have a plan to have up to 500 chickens within 2 years, at which time, we will sell 50% of the eggs. We would like to work with the people in the nearest community to launch some micro enterprises. We would sell the 50% of our eggs to them to take and sell as they are able.

Vegetables & Fruits

We are growing corn, beans, green beans, cabbage, broccoli, squash, bananas and plantain. We are using these to supplement our donations of money to four feeding projects. Through the projects we support, at this time, we are supplying 9,400 meals per month, we have increased by 2 new feeding programs with 100 more children eating per week!  We have been supplying this food for feeding children for 10 years.  This represents 112,800 nutritious meals per year for the poorest children.