Miracle Farm Honduras


Jalapeño peppers

Jalapeño peppers are our best source of cash flow today. We have one hector of area under mega tunnels, and we are predicting that an increase to “two hectors” of peppers gets us to approximately 75% self-sustaining. Our 

Jalapeños are completely under contract and sold to Mt Dora Farms of Texas, USA since 2016.


Coffee is a product for sustainability only. Our goal is to have approximately 25 acres of coffee. Today we have about 8 acres of coffee with 3 acres beginning production in November 2018. Coffee requires 18 months after planted in the field to begin production. We are adding approximately 11,000 plants each October until we reach our goal of 25 acres in 2020. We are projecting as follows:   2018- 3260 lbs, 2019- 12,790 lbs, 2020- 25,190 lbs, 2021- 37,480 lbs, 2022- 47,310 lbs


Avocado will be a product for sustainability and for feeding. We have approximately 250 avocado trees planted in September of 2017 and should be bearing fruit by 2020. Seed time and harvest is very evident on a farm. Every crop has it’s own time for producing fruit. Avocados require 2 years before it produces a marketable product, after that they are supposed to bear fruit every 6 months.